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Indy's Run for Rescue, operated by Brittany Rescue AZ, is a fast-paced, fun chase sport for dogs otherwise known as a "lure course". 

The mechanically operated "lure" entices a dog to run through the course while negotiating  agility obstacles  along the way.

 Indy's Run for Rescue is fun and entertaining for dogs and their owners.  Big or small, fast or slow, young or mature dogs love to test their chase skills and their owners love to cheer them on.

Indy's Run for Rescue lure course is one of Brittany Rescue AZ's primary fund raising  avenues.

Due to COVID-19, many  lure course events have been cancelled in 2020 thus, greatly limiting our

fundraising abilities. Funds raised at these events go into our medical funds to help dogs with surgeries, dentals and treatment of diseases. 

If you would like to help us maintain our medical fund, contributions can be made on our

"Donate & Volunteer" page.